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About us.

maxmore's recipe for success in selling real estate is founded on expert knowledge and an effective marketing strategy as well as distribution of the work load for providing quality services. maxmore ag also works together with:

Translators Various languages
Homestaging Cooperating with professional artisans.
Drones Professional suppliers of aerial filming equipment.
Photos Professional suppliers
Property valuations                In cooperation with a variety of qualified evaluators.
Interior design Design + construction assistance.

Our credo.

Being independent allows us to be very flexible. Also, we deal with you in a personalized manner: there is always the same name and face behind the service. We are, however, well aware of the competition and don’t underestimate it. But at the same time we recognize our strengths and make them work for your advantage.


Reasons to work together with us.

  • We have a wide network and it is constantly enlarging
  • We have access to substantial buyers
  • We have international experience
  • We handle a manageable number of mandates at the same time so that we can fully concentrate on your case
  • We pre-select the interested buyers based on our experience in order to have the most potential buyers for your property
  • We know how to act discretly with your property or search of property
  • We have standard market level fees
  • We don’t believe in unrealistic promises
  • Etc.



Successful selling of a property means above all to recognize and understand the interests, expectations and target of the client.

Successful selling means also to determine an appropriate but at the same time the best possible selling price and to obtain that.

Before you meet with a realtor, it is good to think about answers to the following questions:

  • When should the selling of the property start?
  • Would I have time, expertise and experience to sell my property myself?
  • Within what time frame should the selling take place?
  • What is the expected price and what is it based on?
  • How well do I know the local market?
  • How do I find the right realtor? What do I expect from him/her?
  • Do I know the advantages of an exclusive mandate?
  • How does my property look like at the moment? Any renovations needed?


Luxury real estate

Exclusive properties in luxury segment.

Every property - from basic to luxurious one - deserves the right buyer.

We know the local market thoroughly and so are also very familiar with the luxury segment. For unique luxury properties, it is utmost important to have a wide and affluent network. Moreover, the luxury segment requires specific marketing actions to be taken.

We cordially invite you - without any obligation - to come to talk with us in order to get an idea of our outstanding selling services also in this segment.

If you are interested in buying a luxury segment property, we are happy to explore with you the possibilities within this segment.


Our services

  • Professional market valuation of your property (to supplement bank valuation)
  • Obtaining necessary documents
  • Preparing professional marketing material (German & English)
  • Distributing marketing brochures
  • Advertisements in newspapers
  • Advertising board by your property (with your approval)
  • Layout and fact sheet in A3 format after inspection
  • Targeted Internet advertising outside our website
  • Monthly activity report
  • Quality viewings with potential buyers
  • Pre-selection of interested viewers
  • Advice and connections with financing
  • Price negotiations – in consultation with the seller
  • Transaction management: contract, registration
  • Managing handover of your property (if desired)



Selection of properties we have sold.

Here is a selection of properties (estates, villas, houses, business premises, constructing land) we have sold. Properties sold discreetly are not included. We are pleased to show you more references, so please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

References for accomplishments.

Many of our mandates originate from a client’s recommendation.  This is all based on our established trustworthiness. We take good care of our clients and are always happy to help them further.

We have recommendations from pleased clients,which we are happy to share with you when we meet you.

We also represent exclusive real estates which are not listed on our website or advertised at all (by us or anybody else). These properties are shown to seriously interested and substantial clients. It is all about privacy and confidentiality which our clients greatly appreciate.

If you have a recommendation, please follow this link: > Real Estate Tip




Mandate to seek for properties.

It is not always so easy to find the right property. Especially nowadays in Canton of Zug. We can help you in your search and look for properties for you in targeted and discreet manner.

If you are staying abroad, we can inspect properties for you and report back to you. We also have plenty of experience and advice to offer. Charges will be per hourly rate.

Also here confidentiality is essential. We are looking forward to hearing from you and to having a conversation with you in order to find out about your needs and requirements.

Sales via maxmore to buyers with searching mandates are free of charge for sellers!

Please ask for more information


Services for buyers.

If you wish, we can help you with financing (for instance, contacts to banks), going over the contract of sales, notarization and other administrative issues.

Also, if you wish, we can get estimates for renovations or extensions. Or we offer professional advice how to manage a restauration project.

Good to know.

How do I find my dream home? When one knows exactly what to look for, the easier it is to find what one looks for. We recommend you to make a list of the ten most important features your new home should have, and do this together with your family. Here are some topics to consider:

  • Maximum price
  • Building style
  • Type of house (apartment, house, villa etc.)
  • Number of rooms
  • Auxiliary space
  • Parking spaces, inside / outside
  • View
  • Location
  • Public transportation
  • Children friendly area
  • Shops, banks, school, doctors in the neighourhood
  • Tax level of the canton / town
  • Etc.


Thanks to our wide network, we have contacts to sellers of exclusive pieces of land and wonderful properties. Sometimes the sellers wish to sell their property in a discreet manner; of these there is no advertising on our website or just a little bit in general terms.

When you are looking to purchase, we are happy to tell you about our objects – both publicly and discretly listed ones.

Forms for buyers.

Upon request, we are happy to provide you with the following forms:

  • Criteria form to help to look for a property
  • General application for mortgage

We are here to help you for your financing negotiations

Negotiations with banks, insurances and pension funds have become somewhat complicated these days. Especially with banks. They have to conform to more stringent regulations compared to a few years ago. This can be decisive, based on your current status, whether or not your property of choice can be financed.

We can support you thanks to our well experienced partners with found negotiating skills in the banking sector as well as with consultants for credit negotiations.

How to prepare yourself: documents, etc. As a future buyer and property owner, take advantage of our services and get financed! We will gladly give you more details on your call: 041 760 70 47. 



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